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Long Way Down - Jason Reynolds First & Then - Emma Mills When I Was the Greatest - Jason Reynolds, Michael Frost

I am currently reading the book First and Then by the author Emma Mills. The book is about a girl named Devon Tennyson and how she loves her life the way it is and wouldn't change a thing. The universe, however, has a different plan for her. I predict so far that something will happen between her and her best friend Cass because there seems to already be some foreshadowing of it.

For this project my partner Ali and I read books from the author Jason Reynolds, so while Ali read Long Way Down, I read the bookWhen I Was the Greatest. We noticed frequently that there were many connections between our books and how they were written. In Ali’s book, Long Way Down, the main character Will is living in the bad part of a town, exactly like the main character, Ali, in my book When I Was the Greatest. Jason Reynolds incorporated this hardship in most of his characters lives because he experienced it himself. This way he could easily express how it felt to live in such an atmosphere.These books show how living in a bad neighborhood can’t stop you from achieving amazing things.

There are also many ways to find new books to read on Booklikes. You can visit your friends blog post and tap onto their reading box to see what they are currently reading or have read and if they liked it or not. This is a very helpful way to find new books with the help of your friends. After using this method I found a book my friend Olivia read called The Fault in Our Stars.